Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification

Hey Team,

It was bound to happen eventually. The week when travel manages to take so much time and effort that I miss out on getting the podcast up in time. Obviously I couldn’t edit while I was driving across country (but don’t think I didn’t try). And now I might have a chance if not for the outlet-less seats of your friendly neighborhood Greyhound.

I made the drive to San Francisco without incident and dropped off Murell’s truck (He had an ad on looking to pay for the gas if someone was willing to drive his truck from Atlanta to SF for him) but only had a few hours to kill before I had to hop on a bus for Salt Lake City.

Count on the video being awesome and appearing as soon as humanly possible (UPDATE: The editing is done it just has to compress and upload…but I’ll need to find a place to make that happen. Count on it being there first thing tomorrow morning at the latest!) AND tomorrow brings with it a whole new fly-fishing list-crossing adventure!

Stay Tuned, Team…I’ll be right back.


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