Hey Team,

People write in fairly regularly with offers of help to cross things off the list. So for many of the objectives it’s just a matter of when and how I make it to the various regions in “these United States.” However, there are a select few that NO ONE ever writes in about. Naturally that’s a little worrying so I decided I wanted to get a jump on one or two of those oft ignored goals.

One in particular (that I’m very excited about but still have no line on accomplishing) is: #24 Be part of a stage illusion. So where would my best odds at finagling my way into a stage illusion be?

I’m thinking Las Vegas.

I pulled into Sin City last night without much of a plan beyond, “Hey, there’s a crap ton of magicians in this wacky little dessert town! How can I lose?”

It’s kind of exciting though. It’s like going back to my roots. This adventure is CONSTANTLY evolving so I’ve kind of strayed from the “old days” when I would just roll into a town only knowing that under PERFECT conditions I might be able to cross something off the list.

The first item to get crossed off was milking a cow on an Amish farm and for that one I just took a train to Lancaster, PA only knowing that they have the second largest Amish population in the country. Things worked out pretty well there (I wonder if my ridiculous optimism is ever going to be a huge problem.) so obviously this magician thing is going to be cake. Right?


Wish me luck. And if you know anyone who knows anyone don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Thanks, Team.

I’m done.


If you want to help buy me out of the trouble my optimism will inevitably get me in…

Don’t let me stop you.