Walk It Off

Walk It Off

Hey Team,

I’ve recently discovered two very interesting and telling facts about the people living in this great country of ours.

1. NO ONE’S concept of “walking distance” is the same as mine.


2. NO ONE has any concept of distance. Period.

I explored the better part of St. Louis by foot today and for the most part it was great. There’s A LOT to look at here.

The Arch

Nothing I can really cross off the list besides the geocaching but the architecture is AWESOME (yeah, I’m kind of a geek for design).

However, eventually came the time when I realized I had to find a bank or I was going to go hungry tonight. Sadly, it was already pretty late in the day. (I wish the following exchange were an isolated incident but sadly only the places and faces change.)

“Sorry we’re closed.”

“Is there another Bank of America nearby?”

“Not within walking distance.”

“How far is it?”

“You can’t walk there.”

“About how far is it?”

“Pretty far.”

“Pretty far as in, it’s in Nashville…or pretty far as in, I should take a bus.”

“*sigh* Jenn, how far away is the Jefferson and Gravois branch?”

“Two miles.”

“It’s two miles.” This she said with a tone that added, “SEE. Idiot. You can’t walk two miles. Don’t even bother.”

So, I started walking the two miles to the bank…which turned out to be five miles. I still managed to get there eight minutes before closing time though. I didn’t, however, manage to get there before they locked their doors and said they were closed.

I’m kind of hungry.

I’m also done.


Don’t be afraid of that long walk to the donate button!


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