Pseudo-sport Olympics

Pseudo-sport Olympics

Hey Team,

I’m sorry so many of you out there couldn’t partake in the 1st Annual Pseudo-sports Olympics…because yesterday was AWESOME!

The Olympics are a testament to the competition and sportsmanship inherent in the human spirit. A grand event dedicated to the best in us and an opportunity for us all to vicariously experience greatness.

The PSEUDO-SPORT Olympics are more like thirty people running around in a park all day playing games they haven’t played since elementary school. In short it’s a grand event dedicated to the fun we all forget to keep having when we all “grow up.”

It started with a five-inning game of kickball that (let’s be honest) wouldn’t have been kickball without the occasional bloody toe or unexpected blow to the head while running down the baseline. There was even plenty of screaming about what constitutes “baby bouncies” and how wide the imaginary bases were. It was like none of us had ever grown up (that was supposed to sound more positive and less pathetic than I think it came out).

Also, blue team won that round. No big deal…but I feel that should be pointed out.

Next up was horseshoes and badminton which were both awesome but tougher to organize teams into so eventually that gave way to ultimate frisbee in the rain followed by more yelling about what constitutes “fair play” and whether or not tackling is legal.

Then came the game of the day: Dodgeball! Oh man, that was fun! There’s just something about maliciously throwing things at people and having them still be willing to laugh it off after they take a red rubber ball to the face. Extremely satisfying. AND…another blue team victory. Just saying.

My camera seems to be having issues again (The last year has really taken a toll on my few possessions.) so no pictures today but you’ll just have to take my word for it and get on with organizing a Pseudo-sports day where ever you are! Don’t forget to send me an invite!

I’m done.


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12 Replies to “Pseudo-sport Olympics”

  1. Amtrekker has a very selective and bias memory. In attempt to keep this report fair and balanced I would liek to report that RED TEAM won the days events with a score of 5-2. In fact, red team made it to the 5 points in dodge ball before blue. But as Amtrekker correctly states, it was so fun we kept playing, which is when Blue team slightly got the upper hand.

  2. @Gramps: That looks like a REALLY interesting book. I’m can’t wait to read it but I’m pretty sure that if its philosophy were actually true I’d have nothing left to live for. šŸ™‚

    @Mikey: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    @Frans: I said the same thing when I found out badminton was on the docket but georgerocks makes a very good point.

  3. Brett, you just demonstrated that you are in tune with the philosophy of “No Contest” where it really counts: You didn’t set up an argument with me and then try to vanquish me with your rhetorical skill (which I’m sure you have in abundance, BTW).:-)

    In fact, I am so impressed with your political and diplomatic skill that I think the time has come for Team Amtrekker to rise up and make you the next POTUS. BRETT’08!!! BRETT’08!!! BRETT’08!!!

  4. I think I said it best, “I don’t want to be right, I just want to win.”

  5. Is this a battle of wills between ilott the douchebag and Gramps? In the name of diplomacy I may have to side with my constituents.

  6. Gramps sides with ilott the douchebag. And Gramps has left the building for the last time.

  7. I call shenanigans on all ya’ll! I totally kicked ass in Badminton…just pointing that out.

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