I’ve Made a Huge Mistake?

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake?

Hey Team,

So about that potential mistake I may or may not have made…

I spent just about everything I had left today on a sixty day pass that will take me everywhere I need to go for the next two months. The down side? 1) It’s on Greyhound and 2) I still have to survive.

But, this should take most of the pressure off of finding transportation and in the long run will probably save a little cash. Not only that but you guys would be sick if you knew how much time I spent trying to arrange transportation to and from various cities in the first place (which by the way I’m working on a way to show you guys just how much time I waste on certain tasks thanks to some friends over at Tsheets.com).

Nowhere has that been a bigger problem in the past than in the Midwest. It’s relatively easy to catch rideshares on craigslist from one major city to another, so the coasts don’t pose too much of a threat, but things are so spread out in Middle America that I routinely found myself trapped places for longer than I would have liked. AND, since most of what’s left on my list has me bouncing around the country at large, and farm towns in particular, I was more than a little distressed by how much more time arranging travel was going to add to this epic adventure.

So I’m definitely looking forward to the freedom. Period. No two ways around that. And that’s a big deal, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken this huge step and purchased the pass in the first place. BUT…I’m not looking forward to the DAYS of my life that are going to be lost to that ruthless grinning beast of a dog called Greyhound. And surviving on what I have left will definitely up the ante in this crap game. (Does craps have an ante or is that poker? Wow, that was a pretty screwed up metaphor wasn’t it?) Most importantly, (and this has been addressed before) NO OUTLETS!!!

How am I supposed to feed Charley and stay productive on these ridiculously long bus rides?! I can go without food for a while. That’s fine. I’m tough. I can take it…but poor Charley! What’s a pal to do?

Bottom line: I’m super optimistic and stoked about all the potential adventure the next two months can bring but there is definitely some room for a heaping helping of suck. So if ever you were going to toss some luck my way do it now.


I’m done.


If you enjoy following the adventure and want to help pitch in for a new battery for Charley feel free to hit that donate button!

Don’t let me stop you.

2 Replies to “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake?”

  1. Hey Brett! Thanks for the shout out about our Time Tracking Tool. If there’s anyway we can help…please don’t hesitate to contact me, or any other member of the TSheets team.

    Keep on Trekkin’ brother!

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