Go Time

Go Time

Hey Team,

I’m feeling a little better today. Is it weird that I feel REALLY bad for getting sick? Like I’m kind of letting you all down by not being as productive as I could be?

Regardless, I’m still nowhere near 100% and this has definitely thrown off my “schedule” but I think I’m ready to move on today and head towards some kiteboarding back in SC (in the hopes that I’ll be nearer 100% by the time I get there).

AND I still have to edit the footage from sailing. I tried a couple times over the last few days while I’ve just been laying around but if your head is already spinning and you suddenly find yourself watching tons of raw footage shot on a rocking boat it’s tough to stay focused. Here goes nothing.

Okay, less talk, more action!

Let’s do this.


2 Replies to “Go Time”

  1. sneeking off in the middle of the night again ehh. I am glad we could be your safe haven while you were sick. Thanks for bringing 999.99 thousands of germs into our home. If we didn’t love ya, we would have made you sleep outside. Best luck Kid!

  2. And I packed you your angry eyes. And some playdough. And a barrel of monkeys. And your spare mustache. And a sandwich. And a sand witch.
    (you may or may not be mr potato head.)

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