Marathon Madness

Marathon Madness

Hey Team,

The Boston Marathon is such a HUGE event. I never realized just how enormous the surrounding hoopla is on the big day. Not only that but there’s an insane dichotomy happening that you’d never believe unless you’ve seen it.

For 20,000 visitors it’s one of the biggest races they’ll compete in all year and it’s the culmination of month and months of training. But for 250,000 college students it’s a state holiday sponsoring debauchery that they’ve been waiting for since the semester began.

The runners warm up with a jog to get limber before the big race but the students warm up with mimosas to get loose before a full day of beer pong matches. And in a fitting, body destroying analogy; as the day wore on the drunken “fans” would slowly step further and further into the course to get a better view of the runners leaving less and less space for the hordes of athletes. Much like an artery clogged by plaque and cholesterol slowing choking off the blood supply to a heart desperate to keep things moving.

Recovery Time

So, how did I celebrate this “Marathon Madness?” Duh. By wearing ridiculously short shorts, a bright green headband and bright yellow running shoe with green laces and running up and down the outside of the race course entertaining folks (and occasionally irritating) by stretching and checking my pulse every couple minutes. Mike had a Bob Ross wig on with a headband to complete his 70’s track star look and George and Jess from last week’s podcast were wearing similarly ridiculous running attire.

Bottom line: SUPER fun. Glad I had a chance to participate. (And I DID officially run in the Boston Marathon…sadly it was only for about 200 yards and I still feel sore today.) And I think you guys are going to like tomorrow’s podcast!

Okay, I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

3 Replies to “Marathon Madness”

  1. *Hums* who wears short shorts?

    I hope you got some appreciative whistles for putting yourself out there like that.

    And to George, that T-rex dino analogy is made of win.

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