Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday

Hey Team,

After a fun-filled weekend in Cape Cod it looks like tomorrow will be my last full day in Boston for a long time (unless I decide to head back up for the “Internet Superstar” taping on the 26th). But at least I’ll be going out in style. Tomorrow (the 21st, probably today for most of you) will bring with it some pretty exciting times.

Garment District

The morning will bring with it a trip to the Garment District (where I bought my Halloween costume for Salem, MA) to complete an ensemble I like to call “Track Star circa 1973.”

Late morning heralds the start of the 112th Boston Marathon and filming for this week’s podcast will begin (complete with “Track Star” garb)!

By 12:30pm some of the elite runners should be wrapping up their 26.2-mile race through Bean-Town. Hopefully this means I’ll get a chance to interview a few of the athletes after they do their thing.

And finally, by early evening I should be working my way around the city to various houses and parties to say goodbye to all the fine Boston friends I’ve made!

I’ll keep you kids in the know via twitter and hopefully the 22nd will bring some great pictures and stories and the 23rd will bring an exciting podcast. (I know for sure that it will at least bring the Colbert Report!)

All right. On to adventure!

I’m done.


I couldn’t bring you guys all this awesome without your help.

Don’t let me stop you.

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