Silly Hat Bachelor Party! [updated with pictures!]

Silly Hat Bachelor Party! [updated with pictures!]

Hey Team,

Here’s a fun story that should probably start with an apology, so…

I’m sorry. Mostly to all the folks I handed Amtrekker business cards to yesterday (especially since many of these people were REALLY cool). Why the apology, you ask? Because (hopefully) those folks are reading the site today and learning that I helped lie to their faces. (In a fun way?)

Face Paint

I’m still hanging around the North East waiting for the 23rd to roll around so I can check out the Colbert Report and Monday I’ll be in Boston to film a podcast about the marathon. But right now I’m in Cape Cod. And how do you make a spontaneous trip to Cape Cod even MORE fun?

First, grab a group of friends that you would never have even met if you hadn’t decided to leave your home and your job behind in an immature effort to accomplish a nearly completely random list of goals you’ve accumulated. THEN, pick one guy out of that group at random to be the “bachelor” for the weekend!

Angry Cowgirl

My Saturday mostly involved walking around quiet seaside towns in “The Cape” wearing silly hats with a spider painted on my cheek (for charity of course) telling folks that my friend (George from last weeks podcast) is getting married on June 15th.

It was a TON of fun! Everyone treated us incredibly well, we got lots of pictures of random people kissing George on the cheek, he got some free drinks and a free dessert and we ended the night by meeting a bachelorette party at a club in Hyannis, MA! (They tried to buy my new t-shirt from me! Don’t worry, Team. I fought them off.)

Fun was had by all. Granted, some of it was at the expense of people who believed George was getting married soon but I’m going to go ahead and justify that by convincing myself that we made everyone’s day just a little bit brighter just by being part of it. Nothing brings up a sour mood like silly hats and friendly personalities. Even if it was under less than honorable introductions we still did a fantastic job of making people happy.

Silly Hat Dinner

Seriously, good times. I’m glad I met these guys. Thanks George, Mike, Aaron, Frank and Ben!

I’m done.


Want to help out?

Don’t let me stop you.

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