Be Wary of VD

Be Wary of VD

Hey Team,

I LOVE movies. I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies. If I have nothing to do and I get kind of bored, I go watch a movie. There are quite a few people out there that get kind of skittish about going to see a flick alone but more often than not, I prefer it.

However, it turns out that watching a movie alone on the average Wednesday afternoon and watching a movie alone on Valentine’s Day are two VERY different propositions. Suddenly being that guy sitting there alone with his one chair buffer on either side takes on a whole different tone.

I put myself in other people’s shoes everyday. I’m constantly thinking to myself, “How would another person approach this situation?” Or, “What was that chicks motivation for biting the head off that pigeon?” Unfortunately, that was bad practice for yesterday.

I know for a fact that if I were out at a movie on a Valentine’s Day date and I saw a dude sitting by himself watching ANY movie I would almost definitely pity him. (I hate the idea of anyone ever pitying me.) Now add to the equation that one of the movies I watched during my impromptu double feature yesterday was “Fool’s Gold.” An obvious (and terrible) date movie.

Wow…I have never been so thoroughly disappointed by one of my favorite holidays (Yeah, I said it. So what?) before in my life.

I also saw “Jumper.” That kind of made up for “Fool’s Gold” although not necessarily for Valentine’s Day in general.

In other news: First thing tomorrow morning I FINALLY start heading west again with my next “goal” being to make it to St. Louis by the 20th to meet up at the Live Diggnation show!

If you’re in that area let me know!

I’m done.


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Have fun.

2 Replies to “Be Wary of VD”

  1. VD in a movie theatre? No wonder the floors are always so sticky…
    My REAL concern is that you went to see fool’s gold. Not that it didn’t look awful, but, well…no, yeah that’s it. Nothing like a bad romantic comedy to reaffirm the advantages of bachelordom, eh!?

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