Don’t Forget to Smile

Don’t Forget to Smile

Hey Team,

It seems the cranberry bog podcast has led to me getting the same question from different angles over and over again, so here I am to lay to waste your curiosity. The question goes a little something like this:

“What happened with the cops?”

I don’t want to make you work for it so here’s the lesson you should be pulling from the following words: Speak quickly and don’t stop smiling.

I was still in the box truck putting on my pants and shoes as the officer pulled up behind me and stopped near Michael.

“Hey, are you guys traveling around in that thing?” Bare in mind, all that’s in the truck is a lantern hanging above a coffee table with three chairs set around it, a futon mattress pushed up against one wall like a couch and some dude putting his clothes on.

Mike looks at the cop and says, “No.”

“You sure? It looks like he’s sleeping in there.”


“What are you guys doing?”

“Hey Brett, could you come here?”

“Hey officer,” Don’t forget to smile. Who would believe that anyone just caught red-handed doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing would be happy? “My name’s Brett. I’m traveling around the country…not in this truck obviously. Haha, that would suck…(blah blah blah you guys better know this part of the story by now)” I told my story as quickly as I could, trying to stay in control of the conversation and answering or side-stepping any questions to the best of my ability.

Then, (and here’s the amazing, only in my world, part) as soon as I finished my story I handed the officer my card, to look official, and gave him his cue to leave by stepping away from the window and saying, “Okay officer, thank you so much for your time. Hope you have a good day.”

And for some reason that worked. Without another word he just decided he had all the info he needed and drove away.

And this is officially the first time I find myself thinking, “I wouldn’t be that hurt if he doesn’t check out the site.” But if I happen to have a new fan with a badge, “Thanks so much for being so cool the other day, officer! My unblemished record and Amtrekker fans the world over thank you too.”

I’m done.


Help contribute to the Amtrekker bail fund, today!

Since get out of jail free cards don’t come cheap.

3 Replies to “Don’t Forget to Smile”

  1. Oh I loved that story, found myself giggling 🙂 I cannot believe the places your confidence has taken you!

  2. Wow. I’m impressed. I can’t believe that actually worked, but I’m glad for you (and all the rest of us watching safely from home) that it did.

  3. I wish I had more confidence in my “stealth fliming”. Then I might have been able to get the last part of that exchange on tape for the world to see. I will punish myself post-haste…

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