Cranberries and Pennsylvanians [video]

Cranberries and Pennsylvanians [video]

Hey Team,

I made it to Charlottesville, Virginia this morning safe and sound after driving straight through the night with Ryan, a Mansfield, PA resident, suffering from only very minor exhaustion. (And by minor I mean I only slid into unconsciousness against my will when I was sitting down or standing still, never when I was walking. Of course that made for a pretty embarrassing stretch at a local Starbucks. Lucky for Charley, I don’t drool.)

I was planning on writing up a rundown of my holiday layover spent under the care of the Pennsylvania ladies (Up, down, over, under…geez, I’m clever.) but I had a little extra time this morning and managed to finish up the cranberry podcast.

So, I’ll just say I had a great time with all of Jena and Theresa’s family members over the last few days and I’m a little disappointed I had to say goodbye again. Easily the toughest aspect of this adventure is constantly saying goodbye to all the awesome people I meet.

Okay…let’s get right to more of Brett being a sissy and making a fool of himself.

Leave comments, digg the page and podcast and…enjoy!

Here’s the youtube link for those precious few folk that can’t stream from the site or download on iTunes.

I’m done.


Any donations received today will go towards a new set of toes.

Frostbite is not a game, kids.

12 Replies to “Cranberries and Pennsylvanians [video]”

  1. NEW SHOES!!!! what’s next?? so sad for the talking nike’s, but i’m glad you’re going to have warm feet now!

    i love when you film the last part of the podcast with your friends/hosts. it makes the podcast that much better! keep it up!

  2. Chicken legs?! How dare you madame! I’ll have you know those are well conditioned runner’s legs…that just happen to have a passing resemblance to chicken legs.

  3. Oh ye of little faith. I was wading. I was in a cranberry bog. What more do you want from me?!

    Fun fact: Cranberry bogs are only filled with water for the harvest. During the fall. Like in September.

  4. Bog schmog! I want to know more about your brush with the law, your felony truck riding in. You must get that criminal element from your mom. Just kidding. I got to see your pal Big Joe this weekend,he loves the site. He knew if anybody would appreciate the scent of a cloud it would be you. He said the rock rats are gone and the doc is all his “chicka dow chicka dow dow!”

  5. Yeah,it was a tough call but that one was 5 minutes long and I just stare at the camera for the first two and a half minutes. There was a lot of funny stuff in both, I almost made an unprecedented move and edited the close just to fit more in but it was already the longest podcast ever.

  6. haha niiice. you guys are adorable and it’s so much funnier just knowing how much you seem to love cold weather. by the way, 25 degrees yesterday, time and temperature building. not funny.

  7. this is definitely my favorite podcast i’ve seen so far. SO FUNNY! i was cracking up… sissy. “i don’t wanna!” 🙂

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