Hey Team,

I’m not good at being cold
I miss warm weather
I’ve even been told
It won’t get any better

I spent the whole day
Wandering the city
If only it were May
It wouldn’t be such a pity

Went to Wendy’s for a meal
Listened to bums fight
What’s the big deal?
Is gay marriage such a blight?

A lady gave me a haircut
Outside it just got colder
I wanted to leave the store, but
“If I go, I’ll freeze,” I told ‘er

I finally filmed the close
For the next podcast
Can’t wait til it shows
Better edit fast

The site needs sponsors
Email to join the fun
Don’t want to be like the Dinosaurs
Without some help I’m done

Time to move on now
To the next adventures
Maybe lobster boat or ride a cow?
Whatever, I’ll take lots of pictures

Okay, this weather’s getting old
I’m gonna go hit the hay
Eff you cold.
Eff you in your stupid ay


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