Now What?

Now What?

Hey Team,

I’m still kind of stuck while I wait to hear from some people about my next location. (Stupid winter going around scaring me with the threat of death on a park bench…slows everything down.) But I’m getting antsy and may just risk it and move on anyway. I’m not very good at sitting still…even when “sitting still” means “further exploring a city I enjoy being in and spending time with people whose company I genuinely enjoy.”

Granted I just crossed something off the list this weekend, but I want to be moving on to the next challenge and not waiting for life to happen. Yeah. That settles it. I need to just move on and see what happens. Good plan, Brett. Way to talk yourself through that.

Today and tomorrow I have to meet with people that plan to help out with Amtrekker. So, by Saturday I will being heading off into the great unknown again…and by great unknown I mean go somewhere for TASTHIB (The Awesome Stuff That Happens In Between – I’ve seen a lot of people searching for that lately. Here’s your bone.) or a list crossing good time.

But if anyone out there has any leads feel free to let me know and I’ll wander with a little more direction!

Thanks for listening to my inner monologue today, Team.

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of kindness to strangers!

Why NOT be a kind stranger?!

5 Replies to “Now What?”

  1. UPDATE!!!!!

    Brett bought new pants! We have our team on site to see if hell has in fact frozen over. we will keep you posted

  2. I can verify that “toes out of shoes” observation. I asked him about it. Not only did he not seem to notice, he told me there was “life” in dem shoes still.

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