Hey Team,

Time to start moving forward again. There’s been a lot of interesting stuff going on. I made yet another cool contact through the magic of Halloween. So, tomorrow I’ll be catching a ride to Pennsylvania and Sunday I’ll be touring the Crayola Factory (#47). Plus, I don’t know the person I’m catching the ride from at all so there’s almost guaranteed adventure there.

A little background: Does anyone else remember that episode of Mister Rogers’ where he goes to the Crayola Factory? Because that’s literally the only episode of that show I remember despite watching it after school everyday for years on end. As a result I’m pretty excited about this weekend.

It’s interesting how little snippets of childhood can stick so firmly with you throughout your life. Arguably, everyone goes through childhood experiencing more new things in a single day than the average adult will in months and yet it’s just those little pin pricks of time that stick out amongst all others.

Somehow it doesn’t matter to our brain how important those memories are either. My memories of the first time I rode Splash Mountain are every bit as powerful as the Crayola Factory episode of Mister Rogers’ but I couldn’t, for the life of me give you any details about the people I hung out with in second grade.

I guess that’s just one more reason to live in the moment. Pay attention to what’s happening now, cause you never know which memories are going to be there tomorrow.

What are some of your most memorable experiences that are completely off the wall…yet vivid, childhood memories?

I can’t wait.

I’m done.


If you enjoyed this story, feel free to chip in for crayons…

then I can draw myself a map.