Trojan Kayaks

Trojan Kayaks

Hey Team,

It’s always a little sad when you see awesome historic sites all boarded up and plastered with signs that say authoritative things like, “Do not enter” and “No Trespassing.” Only slightly less sad is when you see historic sites that have been SO renovated that you have to pay an arm and a leg to see them AND if you touch anything they chop off a limb.

So, just imagine how freakin’ excited I was yesterday!

After much debate about how we were going to spend the day my couch surfing host, Nickola and I tied a couple of recreational kayaks (care of Margaret and Kelli!) to the roof of a minivan (care of Margaret and Kelli!) and made our way over to the bay. After a little over a mile long paddle we landed at Fort Gorges, a historic fort no longer in use that can only be reached by kayak or small watercraft! It was there that I saw the one sign that never fails to get my heart pumping and put a spring in my step…”Enter at your own risk!”

No lies, kids. This was one of the coolest places I’ve seen so far! The fort was built in the mid-1800s and was never actually garrisoned. The place has fallen into disrepair but I would venture to say that was 90% of the cool-osity(…coolnessitude?).

I’d also venture to say that I’m one of the biggest sissies I know when it comes to exploring dark, dank caverns in an abandoned fort. I spent most of the time hiding behind Nickola under the auspices of getting good footage.

Here’s the link
if you can’t view the video on that wacky internet explorer browser.

I think I’ve harmed my limited masculine reputation enough for one day.

I’m done.


You know what you should do…?

Seriously, don’t let me stop you.

Hey Team,

I was playing with a new format a little bit tonight. What do you all think of the shorter story with a quick and dirty no frills video? Not worth the video? Not worth the words? Spend more time on the video? Spend more time gouging my own eyes out with a spoon (cause it’ll hurt more you imbecile)?

Leave a comment and let me know.

UPDATE: For some reason the Amtrekker site and Internet Explorer don’t seem to be playing nice. I recommend using the Firefox browser. You can get it here:



9 Replies to “Trojan Kayaks”

  1. Sadly my computer wouldn’t show YOUR video. Or maybe your video wouldn’t show on MY computer. Either way, I was forced to use my imagination. This is NEVER a good thing. My imagination completely sucks. I’ll leave you a donation the day Disney gives me a reasonable raise. In other words, “Good luck…You’re on your own.”…haha. I love your blogs, Brett. Keep up the good work and amazing updates. Unfortunately, all I can afford to give you is warm wishes and lot’s of jealous thougts until Disney decides to give me a raise.

  2. Yay for Robin Hood quotes!

    I can’t see the video either but like the quick and dirty idea if it means more postings.

    Hope you made it thru the night!

  3. The video should play for everyone now. It’s just an embedded YouTube player. Give it a little time to load and it should be good. Of course YouTube, like Azeem, fulfills its vows when it chooses to.

    That’s for you Cas.

  4. we wanted to know if there was a pictures , it looked like there was one or a spot for one … stay safe , and know that we love you

  5. yay, i can actually see video now!! that place looks awesome… what if they had a hedge maze in the dark?? that would have been amazing!!

    glad to see you’re still having fun and aren’t dead yet šŸ™‚

  6. 1. rocks. I liked Nickola.
    2. that was really cool but super creepy and at first i wasn’t sure i’d be able to go to sleep. but then u ended it on the bright sun shiny day overlooking the sea and now i’m good to go. good stuff.
    3. as one of the dreaded Windows
    , i wasn’t able to watch the video on IE, but I was able to watch it on Mozilla.
    4. I don’t think u should put a number or percentage on the amount of videos u blog. Just do it when the footage is interesting enough to capture the attention of all us ADD folks out here.

    That’s my 4 cents. Keep exploring so we can all live vicariously through you! šŸ™‚

  7. brett, just to let you know after the video there was little boxes showing all of your video and it work great Love steve & penny

  8. After witnessing such bravery and overwhelming personal machismo, I can’t wait to see you tackle number 11. Good Luck!

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