Hey Team,

If you’re ever in the mood to order the most labor-intensive drink you could possibly purchase at a coffee shop…go for the chocolate milk. If it’s anything
like the experience I had today, you will not be let down.

I was at this little place by DePaul University in Chicago with my old college roommate, Allison, and her law school friend, Julianne, when I decided I had a hankerin’ for some chocolaty goodness.

Organic Chocolate Milk

Unfortunately, the only thing they had in their drink case was organic chocolate milk and thanks to my unnaturally strong “cheap bastard” streak that’s where things went wrong.

“Is this the only chocolate milk you have?”

If it had have been a dog behind the counter it would have tilted its head sideways and let out a short whine. Instead I just got a look that quickly and efficiently said, “What the hell are you talking about?” without ever requiring the barista to open her mouth.

“I’d just like regular, average, in-organic chocolate milk…I like that tang that rBGH gives it. Plus, I’m cheap.”

“Well I suppose we could mix you some chocolate milk back here. It would be the same price but you’d get quite a bit more.”

“Awesome!” Things were finally moving forward and once Cori, the barista, opened her mouth, she turned out to be incredibly accommodating and kind.

Mixing In-Organic Milk

But just because things were moving forward doesn’t mean they moved smoothly.

Finally Touch

Ten minutes later I was handed a chunky (from hot chocolate mix), super-chocolaty (from the dark chocolate frappachino syrup) concoction that would have made the quik bunny gag…but I thought it was pretty good.

The last few days were pretty laid back and not much panned out for the list but I did get three states worth of geocaching taken care of this week! And here’s a few highlights from my Chicago trip.

Some Chicago-land geocaching…pretty easy despite Julianne’s stubborn insistence that the GPS said it was in the middle of the freeway and we should all dodge traffic looking for it there.

Giant Metal Bean
I finally saw the giant metal bean everyone keeps talking about whenever they mention Chicago…

Through the Looking Glass
and had a close encounter of the Wonderland kind.

Got caught in the rain again, but at least I had company this time!

Bad idea
And I got to see this terrifying place. If I’m going to have to bury a family member the last thing I want to worry about is them deciding they want to “Hollerbach” and scare the crap out of everyone at the funeral.

Okay, that should do it for today. I JUST got off the train in Washington D.C. and already the bus stops are mocking me.

Leave me alone Ikea!

I’m here to meet up with Alek, a guy I met on one of my very first train rides, to drive up to the hang gliding festival in Pennsylvania! I’m totally stoked about this one!

And…I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Don’t let me stop you.

3 Replies to “Mmm…rBGH”

  1. That creamy chocolaty chunky concocation sounds great. Have you tried the Amtrak hotdog yet? At that point, you’ll know heaven, or maybe it’s hell?

  2. no hot dog yet. I’ve been timing Chipotle runs really well lately. Haven’t had to build up the immune system with (for?) amtrak food.

  3. Hey broseph, remember that if it weren’t for this grand adventure, home wouldn’t be as sweet when you get there.
    Oh, and until the 30th of Oct, I can get you into SixFlags for $30, if you know when you’re rollercoastering it up.

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