Greenie Green?!

Greenie Green?!

Hey Team,

Here’s a quick story since I still haven’t been in one place near an outlet long enough to compress this week’s video.

I jumped off the bus at about five o’clock this morning in Chicago several shades shy of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and decided to meet up with a friend for breakfast before making my next move towards Huron, South Dakota.

Since I had about an hour and a half to kill before Julianne would be up for work I thought, “Why bother taking the metro when I can just walk and explore a piece of the city I’ve never been.” After scoping a map near a metro stop I accosted the nearest security guard for directions to Halsted Street. He seemed really hesitant to tell me where it was and kept asking me for the address I was trying to get to but finally gave in.

After walking for about an hour I finally started to think I might know where I was. Which coincidentally is nearly the exact same moment a toothless man in dirty clothes walked up to me and said, “Do you know where you are?”

“Yeah, this is Halsted St!” If you know me at all you know how proud I must have been just to remember the name of the street I had been walking down for the last hour.

“But do you know where you are?”

“Well, I think that’s North Ave. up that way. And we just passed a sign that said, ‘North River–”

“You’re in greenie green.”

“Greenie green?!” I giggled. (Manly giggles, I promise.)

“Cabrini Green. I just saved your life.” Finally, familiar ground. At least now I was starting to get it. Obviously this dude wanted money and he thought the best way would be to make me feel indebted to him before he asked. I know this trick.

“HAHA! Thanks man. Who are you?”

“Stan, it’s a pleasure. There were two little gang bangers back there behind a building talking about how they were just going to let the kid with the backpack get up a little further before they jumped him so I decided to come up here and walk with you. I just got a feeling you would have done the same for me.”

Yep, just the way it should go down. “You’d do the same for me.” Ha! I’m not falling for this.

“Thanks, buddy. I really appreciate it.”

We walked and talked a bit more about what a terrible place Cabrini Green is according to him and how common crime is in the area then he took off about three blocks up. Just like that. The end.

BUT…he forgot to ask for money. It almost made me want to walk back and see how “in danger” I was. Good thing I had to meet Julianne for breakfast; it’s almost never a good idea to follow my impulses.

OH! And here’s a video someone else made of Cabrini Green.

I’m done.


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4 Replies to “Greenie Green?!”

  1. Thanks for making it out alive and killing my cash cow! I had a monopoly on oversized RIP AMTREKKER t-shirts and even got you your own line of green spraypaint! You would have been immortalized on uninsulated cinder block walls everywhere (in a specific 3 block radius)!
    Always thinking of yourself…

  2. I thought you said this wasn’t a bucket list!! Don’t be in a place like that again!!

  3. Oh dear. Let’s go ahead and put that toward the top of the list of Bad Ideas. If you would’ve died I would’ve killed you so hard.

    Though i definitely would’ve been interested in one of those giant t-shirts…

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