Yoga and Booboo

Yoga and Booboo

Hey Team,

I scored another new experience yesterday! Apparently it’s this fancy new type of torture called “yoga.” (I think it’s French for “intense muscle pain.”) I wish I could have filmed some of it for this week’s podcast, I’m sure you all would have enjoyed watching the pain in my shaking limbs being telegraphed via the permanent grimace attached to my face.

Also, I should add, never in my life have I felt more mechanical. The room was filled with graceful folks of the opposite gender doing balletic (The little red squiggle says I made that word up…I say, “Fine, so be it. It’s STILL a good word.”) poses while I went on about practicing a terrible impression of a street performer with cerebral palsy doing the robot.

Still, painful or not, it was a new experience I’m glad I was a part of (read: survived). It’s probably not something I would take the time to do again. It was a little boring and I found it difficult to slow my brain down despite the careful breathing but more importantly I’ve already experienced several other ways to thoroughly embarrass myself through this trip.

For example, if I had a home and the time I would probably be more likely to spend it trying not to suck at swing dancing instead of yoga, but again, SO glad I went. I had good company and just about anytime I’m doing something I’ve never done before it’s a happy day.

OH! AND…I saw “In Bruges” yesterday. I REALLY enjoyed it. I might be a terrible person.

AND, I’m about to jump on a bus for St. Louis to catch the Diggnation show tomorrow. So…

I’m done.


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  1. I was just picturing an Ostrich donned in a Civil War uniform, waving around a growler of Moonshine while riding a fanboat with the number 50 painted on the side down the grand canyon. Silly birds… when will they learn…

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