Hey Team,

My short time here in Idaho Falls has been chock full of action. In fact, yesterday was taken up by being a volunteer at a Spirituality and Wellness fair.

I’ll just let you think about what that might mean for a few minutes…

Done? Cause, yes. It’s probably just what you imagined. There was plenty of aura cleansing, some crystal healing and a sea of disillusioned middle-aged women. I learned a lot about why some people put so much of their effort into Spirituality and I learned even more about why I don’t.

This is skirting dangerously close to one of those topics I usually avoid here but suffice it to say, I’m not a very spiritual dude. It was interesting to watch other people watch with rapt attention, constantly nodding in pseudo-understanding, as someone shilling a book and CD combo explains to them that they have to find what they love in life and follow that passion.

I hate to use such a technical term but…duh. What does that have to do with spirituality?!

Also, I learned about how important it is to clear the problems of your forefathers from your energy so that you can attain a higher vibration. I thought that sounded pretty interesting but upon further inspection it sounded like an awful lot of work and money. So I decided that next time I attend a Spirituality and Wellness Fair I’ll be the guy in the corner selling industrial paint shaker rides so these poor people can attain a higher vibration without all that unnecessary concentrating.

What else was there…

Oh! I learned all about meditating on the go! It turns out it’s even more important to respect your teeth than I thought! And “while you’re brushing your teeth is the perfect time to meditate on how amazing they are.” Just don’t tell your teeth how amazing they are out loud…I wasn’t even meditating and I spit all over myself this morning just trying to explain that I wasn’t picky about what was for breakfast.

I shouldn’t joke so much, there are a lot of people out there that couldn’t live their lives without their daily aura fluffing and it was honestly interesting to meet a few of them. Just another little look into one of those fascinating subcultures we couldn’t be our country without.

In other news (literally): If you’re in the Eastern Idaho area tonight I just finished up with an interview for CBS news that airs tonight at six. Be there or be…people shaped, I guess.

Okay, team. Thanks for listening.

I’m done.


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