Microwave Potatoes

Microwave Potatoes

Hey Team,

I think a little piece of me dies inside every time I find out a stereotype is true. Not that it happens all that often but when you travel as much as I do with only your preconceived notions to base your potential surroundings on…it happens.

I decided that instead of trying to work on one specific task this week I’d work on trying to knock off a few states in the area on the geocaching list while I organize a few others. Since I found a quick ride up to Idaho I thought, “Why not?”

But here’s the thing about driving to Idaho Falls from Salt Lake City…

Eventually you pass a Potato Museum.


In other news: I have a TON of respect for people that don’t own microwaves. Even when I had a home I never cooked. Period. In fact, at 27 I’ve still never gotten around to buying raw meat. In the immortal words of Quigley, “I never had much use for ’em”

As a result I’ve lived most of my life, outside of my parents home, capable of preparing my meals without soiling much more than a bowl, a spoon and maybe a can opener if I’m not careful. I NEED a microwave to survive.

But apparently there are people (MUCH better people than I) in Idaho capable of doing without. Just think about what that means. (I suppose this is more telling of how lazy I can be when it comes to food over than anything else.) Not only do meals take longer to prepare but worse…all those dishes! AND, what if you want to reheat something later?!

The mind boggles.

I’m done.


Enjoy living vacariously? Good, cause I enjoy surviving. Feel free to help make that happen.


2 Replies to “Microwave Potatoes”

  1. Haha, first of all your sister confused me. I thought I had written that for about 2 seconds. Secondly, I love potato museums!

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