Hey Team,

Looks like I’m headed to Idaho Falls, Idaho! Why?

Never been.

I figured since I’m in this region anyway I should probably get to visiting some of those states I missed out on or that geocaching objective is going to be an even bigger pain later. So I’ve lined up a craigslister that’s taking me North where I’ll probably just stick around for a day or so to have a geocaching good time before deciding which direction to move in next.

Also, I’m trying to line up a way for people to get their hands on some Amtrekker t-shirts and whatnot. I’ve looked at Cafe Press and Zazzle but I’m not a huge fan of either. I’d prefer to have them screen printed and not just ironed on like a high schooler would at three in the morning the day of the big dance to show their undying love for…well, themselves probably.

So if anyone has any suggestions or connections let me know!


I’m done.


Enjoy living vacariously? Good, cause I enjoy living. Feel free to help make that happen.