News To Me

News To Me

Hey Team,

I had my interview with CNN’s News To Me today. It was a complete one-eighty from Fox Business News and a nice chance to answer some of those questions that keep popping up that I never fully acknowledge.

It was pouring rain when I woke up and I was dreading even the short walk to the coffee shop where they were planning on conducting the interview. I stared out the window willing the rain to stop and wondering if my Totally Rad Show t-shirt was clean enough to wear. “Maybe I should just wear the TRS shirt and hope the rain washes off the stink.”

Luckily, the shirt was clean, just wrinkled, so I slung it over the shower rod and let it suck up some of the steam while I scrubbed myself down.

I showed up at the coffee shop while they were shooting a webcam interview with another guy…something about a dirty boat. (Obviously I was paying very close attention.) As soon as they finished I was shuffled around for introductions. Everyone involved with the program seemed to be of the friendly intelligent variety and Eric, the host, managed to come off as distinctly not a douche bag. (Happy, Eric?)

CNN Interview

The interview was pretty standard as far as the questions go, nothing very far out of the ordinary, which is probably a good thing. If those are the questions everyone is asking it’ll be nice to answer them AS they discover the site when the interview airs. (PLUS, I knew how to answer the questions without stuttering like a pants on head retard…so there’s that.)

The interview isn’t slated to air until the last week in March or the first week in April but Lauren (apparently pronounce Laaw-rin in Alabama…stinkin’ California accent always giving me away), an intern, taped the interview with my camera so I’ll be able to post a little behind the scenes adventure for tomorrow’s podcast. There’s something for you kids to look forward to! So thanks, Aaron and Mike for inviting me to be interviewed and to Teague for that voodoo that he do and I’ll leave it there and you can just watch the action tomorrow.

Be there. 6 pm PST. See you then!

I’m done.


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