Hey Team,

I’m sure I had something to write about today but I’ve just been staring at the screen for the last five minutes trying to remember what it was. Let’s just assume it was the funniest, most exciting, eye-opening post I’ve ever written, pretend I actually wrote it and then move on.

amtrekker snow

I’ve been insisting that I don’t change for years now. That the world just changes around me and I adapt as necessary but it doesn’t impart any lasting effects. I hate to admit that I might be wrong.

Living little pieces of other people’s lives everyday for the last 240+ days is a tough act to ignore. As strong willed (read: stubborn) as I am I don’t think I’ve made it through unscathed. And maybe it hasn’t been a “change” so much as a “concentration.” (Wow. This is tougher to explain than I thought it would be. Too bad I can’t remember that other, probably easier to write, post I was planning on.)

I’ve always been pretty laid back (obviously, or I wouldn’t have even started this trip) but that has always meant “live and let live” or “I’ll do my thing and you do yours.” But I’ve taken that option away from myself. Now it’s “you do your thing…and I’ll come see what that’s like.” Granted this is something that was born out of curiosity for how the rest of the country lives their lives, but it has meant that for the past many months I’ve been forced to put other people’s wants ahead of my own. (Which ironically fuels me getting to do what I want via the list.)

As a result I’ve been exposed to SO many more adventures than I would have, had I just stuck to the “plan” (as if that ever exists) and done my own thing.

Why is all this important? I’m not sure. Maybe I’m just trying to figure out why nothing has been crossed off the list in weeks but incredible things keep happening to me.

Maybe I’ve written about this part before but I believe pretty strongly in something like karma, I’ve just never thought of it as something spiritual. I think when people see you do something for someone else or they see that you’re willing to put yourself “out there” for someone else’s benefit then they see you as the kind of person they WANT to help (or maybe just the kind of person they want to be). Whether it’s because of their own personal internal sense that good should be rewarded or whether it’s because they feel some sort of guilt for not treating others with that respect often enough I really don’t know. (Although it’s probably some fair combination of the two feelings.)

I think I’m rambling. So I’ll leave you guys with that to think about. Comment. Let me know your thoughts.

Tomorrow is the CNN interview.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m done.


P.S. Wow. I just reread that. Good luck making cents of that nonsense!

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