Hey Team,

Yesterday morning when I pulled into Atlanta I found myself still having to finish a good portion of the podcast. Naturally I couldn’t work on it at the Greyhound station so I went for a walk to see if I could find a cozy office-of-the-day. (Preferably one with some hot tea. Turns out Atlanta isn’t nearly as warm as I had hoped it would be. I STILL got snowed on yesterday.)


About a mile from the station I found myself wandering through Georgia State University.

“Awesome. This many caffeinated kids in one place, there HAS to be a place to sit down and get some editing done.” I thought.

I approached the first two students I saw, two girls with backpacks and smiles. Can’t go wrong with smiling strangers.

“Excuse me. Do you know if there’s a coffee shop or a Starbucks nearby?” (I remember asking this verbatim because as soon as I said it I thought it was weird that in my head Starbucks was not the same as a coffee shop. Interesting.)

One stopped and thought the other continued to smile. “Um…yeeeaaaahh. I think…if you just go down this street here. Just here…” she pointed and looked me in the eye to make sure I was paying attention. (Smart kid, that’s probably 90% of the reason I get lost all the time. I forget to pay attention.) “Next street make a right…um…then go through a door.” A long pause signaled the end of the directions.

I gave a broad honest smile. I loved the way she said that. Exactly the kind of direction I would give. “So, you want me to make a right then go through a door?” I even ended it with a friendly chuckle. The smiling friend giggled too. Winner.

Then things took a strange turn. Direction Giver’s thoughtful gaze turned into a scowl, “I’m trying to explain, if you stop acting like an ass!” Whoops. Misstep.

It was very cold and I wasn’t wearing nearly as many clothes as I should have been, so my frozen mouthed apology came out something like, “MMmm Sowwy. I wasn makin fum.” Before I just gave up. This battle was over.

According to my sampling: 50% of all women attending GSU think I’m an ass.

And I really did just have to make a right and walk through a door.

I’m done.


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