Hey Team,

I’ve been sitting here staring at this blank page for a little over twenty minutes now trying to decide what I’d like to write about the Princess Cruise that a handful of twittering travel folk were invited on (and I got to tag along for some reason). I think one of the big problems is that I had more fun than I expected. It’s a tough blow when all of the stupid cruise ship jokes you have prepared don’t quite fit the situation any more. (Case in point, I didn’t get to spend all week fighting sunburned, overweight old men for the pole position at the buffet so my Formula-1 joke is out the window.)

dolphinMost importantly however, I’m just not used to writing about great experiences. You guys know better than anyone that 90% of the content on this site is a direct result of me having done something colossally stupid and the mad scramble to either rectify the situation or, barring that, at least come out relatively unscathed. If I have any complaints it’s that I kind of felt like I had my hand held for a week and I wasn’t given the opportunity to fall overboard, flounder at sea for a few days and finally get rescued by the Coast Guard just shy of losing my leg (and/or sea mammal virginity) to an over eager Caribbean dolphin.

It’s not that there isn’t plenty to say about the last week, I just felt like I should probably start with an overview. So here it is:
Crown Princess

My Overview (in haiku):

Met some great people
Food, folks, fun and alcohol
…lots of alcohol

Bahamas were dull
But I won a ping-pong match
Ha! Take that, David

At Cayman Islands
Snorkeling distracted me
From offshore account

Cozumel is home
To some huge Mayan ruins
And the biggest effing mosquitos you’ve ever seen in your life! (How many syllables was that?)

Roatan has ghosts
I’m told they steal people’s pants
For sure the best stop

May have ADD
Beaches get old fast for me
…what was I saying?

More to come, friends! I’ll try to write a post for each stop, one for the ship, maybe even one on the environmental impact (if everyone else is doing it then I should probably jump on the bandwagon), AND…maybe I’ll get Justin a weirdthings.com post on those pant’s stealing ghosts.

I’m done.