The Other Orange County

The Other Orange County

Hey Team,

Just a quick update to keep all you hip kids “in the know.” I’m sitting in the Orlando airport, it’s 4am and I have a flight to Ohio at 7am. And if everything goes well, by next weekend I’ll have knocked out the one thing on my list I was most concerned with pulling off! That’s right, you guessed it (I don’t actually know if you did. I can’t hear you, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.) I get to pet a sloth!

And as exciting as that is I have even more news. The “tubing down the Chattahoochee” podcast is all wrapped up and ready to be posted. I just need to find a little more bandwidth so I can ship it off to the interwebs where all you lucky folks can grab it! So hopefully late tomorrow after I get to Ohio.

And as exciting as that is I have even MORE news. There’s going to be a couple big-ish changes coming to the site in the next week. And you’ll be happy to hear that many of the changes are direct rip-offs of feedback you provided (that’s an over-arching “you the viewer” type of “you” not a specific sort of “you.” I really doubt that every single one of you reading this wrote in with some sort of request or recommendation. Geez, I HOPE every single one of you reading this didn’t write in…because I didn’t get THAT many requests and I’d hate to think I only have a handful of readers…I’ve gotten off track.)!

So the map will be moved and in its place will be the newest podcast with thumbnails of the six most recent just below it. And below that will be incredible displays of write-menship (I say it’s a word. Get off my back. It’s late and I haven’t slept in days.) like this masterpiece (of crap) right here. The top right corner will boast the new, smaller, hopefully better coded map and just below that a counter showing how many days I’ve been trekking!

And the stories will finally get those “previous” and “next” buttons you lazy people have been asking about. That’s the big stuff, hope you all like what you see.

AND, despite all that, there’s yet more news that’s EVEN MORE exciting. Today I walked 12.2 miles from the north end of Orlando to the south without once (NOT EVEN ONCE) going in the wrong direction or getting lost!!! Which isn’t to say I didn’t doubt myself a couple times…but I made it! I did have to jump a couple fences near the airport because they don’t seem to expect pedestrian fliers. And I’ll be honest, that made me a little nervous after my run-in at the last airport just for carrying a camera.

Did I mention I didn’t get lost today?


In that case…

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

4 Replies to “The Other Orange County”

  1. Brett, as an employee of an American Zoological Association accredited institution I was also very concerned with the feasibility of the Sloth-petting. Good for you kid! To top that here’s what you have to do. Ride Donald Trump through a covered bridge and then fire him as your steed on the other side. Or use him as a kyak on a river and then fire him when he sinks. That would make some gooooooood podcastin!

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