Hey Team,

After a long day trapped in the dark, dank, pit of despair that is Penn Station, New York I finally managed to escape the gravitational pull of angry, bitter people and make my way up to Connecticut. I didn’t stay long BUT I did get stay my friend Sarah, her husband and her GIANT belly.

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They probably don’t remember this but they PROMISED to name the baby, due in three days, Brett.

I also got to ride an indoor carousel built in 1914. That’s me on my battle stallion “Blackness!”

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Don’t laugh; he’ll eff you up.

And in the coolest trip of the day…I got to tour Mark Twain’s house!

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As one of my all-time favorite authors it was way cool to see what bad taste in interior design he had. No, seriously…terrible.

But I did get to touch the same banister he used to drunkenly walk up stairs to his study and write incredible pieces of American literature like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Naturally, I expect that talent to have rubbed off on yours truly and from now on you should be see much more goodly written blogs.

Like I said, I wasn’t in Connecticut for long but only because I have “Number 8” all set-up to be knocked down! So back to Boston for a list kickin’ good time!

I’m done.