Hey Team,

It looks like I survived another airline adventure. Narrowly dodging a grizzly fate and three-dollar Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

My “day” actually started in Boston about three days ago but you kids have already heard some of that so we’ll just skip ahead:

I was waiting for the bus to LaGuardia on a street corner in Queens with a couple from Canada. The world seemed a little more colorful than I’m used to but I’m not sure if that was because I had such a great four days or I was just hallucinating still. If I were going to be honest with the world and myself I’d probably assume the latter.

I was running kind of late (old story) and I was even really sure that the bus would get me there in time. Then a town car pulled up and asked the couple if they wanted a ride to the airport for twelve bucks. As they were debating I spoke up, “I’ll split the fare with you guys if you want.”

It was only after we dove in that I found out they were in town from Canada to see the Braves game and since I was still covered in makeup I told them about the Canada AM thing. One thing led to another and these amazing people not only paid the entire fair but even gave me the last few dollars of American money they happened to be holding. How can you not love people when these are the kinds of things you run into everyday?

As it turned out I didn’t need to be in much of a hurry and instead spent the next two hours sitting around waiting for my delayed flight. Not a huge problem. I had Charley to keep me company but as the delay dragged on I realized there was no way I was going to make my connection in Denver.

Once I realized that would mean that after two FULL days without sleep I was going to be trapped in an airport for NINE hours waiting for the next flight to SF I got a little downhearted. But thanks to the magic of the “interwebs” and Twitter in particular when I got to Denver Lauren (casuallydrowned) came to my rescue! All of a sudden I had a nice soft couch to be unconscious on, just outside of Denver! Amazing!

I did, however, manage to wake up to a dislocated shoulder thanks to some poorly thought out stretching on my part. It hurts like no other and means my shoulder will be throbbing for the next twelve hours but it happens often enough that it wasn’t too big of a problem to deal with and it’s a MUCH quicker alternative to coffee.

And now I’m back in the “first place state” safe and sound and looking forward to tomorrow night’s live Internet Superstar and Diggnation and all the Amtrekker hoopla the next week or so should bring. Kiteboarding and sailing…maybe a surprise or two!

Okay, that bring everyone up to date and now I can leave the airport because…

I’m done.

Ooops, wait. One more thing. Someone posted the video of the Good Morning America interview here.

NOW, I’m done.


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