TASTHIB – Urban Golf [podcast]

TASTHIB – Urban Golf [podcast]

Hey Team,

You’ve all ready read a little bit about Urban Golf, now see the fun and excitement first hand!

If you have any problems with this viewer you can watch the youtube version here.

Thanks Team.

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

8 Replies to “TASTHIB – Urban Golf [podcast]”

  1. Another good pocast. Even if you didn’t get something crossed off your list.

    And ESC… Umm… Thanks I guess?

  2. Shoelaces are a sacrifice I’m willing to make if it means upgrading my celebrity status from v-list to u-list…or dare I say it?? T-list?

    Glad to see everyone’s getting all friendly in here too. Congrats on your new friend, Patch!

  3. I don’t know if I want to be friends with random people that just say they like me Brett…

  4. I gauge my liking of people solely on their ability to write good e-mails you can later read in an entertaining manner.
    I personally think it’s a good basis. However, if Patch doesn’t want to accept the random invitation to be my friend, I suppose I’ll have to learn to understand..

  5. ESC.

    I just don’t know who you are is all. Well, I kind of do now because Brett is a stalker.

    But, for all I knew before, you could have been a rapist!

    But, as Brett has informed me, you are not. (to his knowlage at least.) So, if you wish. Shoot me an E-mail at Patch (at) totallyradfans.com

  6. i was cut off from my internets for a couple of weeks!! blasphemy, i know. but i must say that i am extremely tempted to start an urban golf club here in atlanta…that looks like the best time ever!!!

    is it too late to enter the contest for your shoelaces? i don’t want the shoelaces, but i’m going to try to get people to visit the site!

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