Hey Team,

When was the last time you saw a cowboy, a princess and a Power Ranger running through the streets of a major North American city hitting tennis balls down stairways with golf clubs into the middle of heated mahjong games?

Really? Never? Cause, that was my yesterday. In a nutshell.

My couch surfing host, Steph, talked me into staying in Toronto an extra day, despite the lack of list-crossing going on, so I could experience the wonders of Urban Golf. Holy crab cakes am I glad I stayed.

Steph + Amtrekker = fun times

Obviously, the list is my life right now, but it’s always exciting when awesome stuff like Urban Golf finds a way to sneak itself in between. Some of the most interesting and entertaining stuff so far has been these spontaneous events that catch me off guard and show me something I didn’t even know existed. (Of course, it’s going to be tough to beat milking a cow on an Amish farm and hang gliding.)

Urban Golfball

“So, what’s urban golf?” I hear you asking. (No, really. I can always hear you…and I know about that thing you said about my belly button. So stop it.)


Urban Golf involves dressing up like a stereotypical golfer (or a Power Ranger apparently) and hitting a tennis ball through a pre-laid course using a golf club or an umbrella…or a plunger…or a shrunken head on a stick. Each team of golfers is staggered by 10-15 minutes and between each hole is a bar-stop. When the next team gets to the bar the first team has to move on to the next hole. So it’s really more of a pub-crawl in costume with intricately devised holes snaking through alleyways stuck between drinks.

Green Ranger

In a word, it was a blast…wait. It-was-a-blast. There, that counts as one word right?

I got plenty of footage so it looks like the next podcast will be focusing on Urban Golf and not an objective. I guess I have mixed feelings about that. It would have been nice to see something else crossed off the list, but at least there was a great adventure to be had in Toronto. It looks like I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for points south since the Biketoberfest shindig kicks off later this week. And I’ll be able to cross #39 off the list!

Okay, look for that podcast in a few days and wish me luck.

I’m done.


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