Less Than Amazing Race

Less Than Amazing Race

Hey Team,

Wow. Talk about a rough week. (Not literally, if you’re talking about a rough week you wont be able to read about mine.) Travel has been about as close to a nightmare as things can get without losing a bag and or a finger.

It started last weekend, (this is that third disaster) when I was trying to get from San Diego to Vancouver. I got up early one morning to catch a train from Oceanside, CA just North of San Diego but in a startling twist…the train was sold out. I didn’t even know that could happen! Amtrak loses millions of dollars a year what are the odds that ANY of their trains EVER sell out.

So my only other option, if I wanted to get to Vancouver in time, was to take a train up to LA and fly to Vancouver from LAX. I was flying on a buddy pass so I had to fly stand-by and there was only one flight that looked like I might have a chance to get on.

I didn’t.

And the next five flights out of LAX were oversold by at least four seats each so there was almost no chance of leaving that day. EXCEPT although it was already five I was informed that the eight o’clock flight out of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA had 30 open seats. I had three whole hours to navigate Los Angeles public transportation. All I had to do was get to John Wayne and I’d be a shoe-in for the flight.

I didn’t.

You know you’ve been a resident of LA County when you have NO idea how to operate their public transportation. I made it as far as Anaheim before I realized there was absolutely no way I was going to make it to the airport in time and frantically started calling everyone I knew in the area. Finally I got a ride from Tom, an old Disney friend, and made it to the airport at exactly 8:10.

After several minutes talking to the counter person for the airline at John Wayne, it was concluded that there were only two flights left that would connect with the next days Vancouver flight. One out of LAX (where I had been earlier in the day) that was also oversold by several seats or one out of San Diego (where I had been earlier in the day) that was only 100% sold out (as opposed to 103% sold out) with four other people trying to fly stand-by.

It was a long shot, but really my only choice, so I jumped on yet another train headed south for San Diego. The train gets in to SD at around 1:30 in the morning and I walked the three and a half miles to the airport to arrive just as the counter was opening for check-in.

I made it! Barely. And after running to my connecting flight in Denver I was asked, “Where have you been?!” and “Why aren’t you wearing any pants?!” in rapid secession. Dazed and confused by what was now 24 hours worth of fruitless travel I actually believed I might not be wearing any pants. As it turns out, what she meant was: There’s a dress code if you’re flying on a buddy pass. You can’t wear shorts (damn dress code Nazis this week) change quick or you can’t go on this flight. It would have been a full 24 hours before the next flight and the bathroom was all the way on the other side of the terminal so I ran behind the ticketing counter and just changed there, barely making the flight and earning myself another glare for getting somewhere someone who REALLY enjoyed enforcing dress codes didn’t want me to be.

It was another twenty hours before I made it into a bed. I’m having another one of those days right now. Who knew being unemployed was so exhausting.

I’m done.


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Seriously, don’t let me stop you.

3 Replies to “Less Than Amazing Race”

  1. I have a great idea on how to market your metal underwear line.
    Phase One: Be informed that you need to change to fit a dress code.
    Phase Two: Drop trou right there revealing, METAL UNDERPANTS to all within sight range.
    Phase Three: Profits…

  2. Hey A-Hole, I bet if you had let me buy those new shoes, all that running around might suck just a bit less. Don’t tell Jen I’m making a donation, she’ll kick my arse. You would drop trou in public. Perv.

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