The Podcast Cometh

The Podcast Cometh

Hey Team,

I don’t have much time to write but here’s the scoop. I was in Vancouver yesterday to check out one of only three hedge mazes in all of North America. When I got to the entrance there was a big sign that read, “Gardens closed due to labor dispute.” The only reason that surprised me was because I was surprised how little I was surprised. It was totally on par with how the rest of this week has gone. However, any of you hip kids in the know probably have a feeling I didn’t give up that easily.

It’s all on video and the first ever Amtrekker Podcast is only a day or two away. Hold steady friends!

I’m done.


2 Replies to “The Podcast Cometh”

  1. Too bad the sound wasn’t working on the portion of the video that showed me WINNING the race. The world will never know of my superior navigation skills….

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