Hey Team,

It’s been a wacky few months filled with all kinds of non-sense, from big award nominations that I ultimately lost (Darn you, William Shatner. Darn you to heck.) to television treatments that are still in limbo to book proposals that remain (for the moment) unfinished, one constant has remained…the website was sorely neglected.

Not too mention I haven’t had the opportunity to edit video in too many weeks. How do we fix that? Simple.

Amtrekker: Tales From The Vault!

Yeah, I did all of the animation myself, I’m still a one man show over here so don’t judge too harshly…but exciting right!

This means over the next few months (with a hopeful return to the one video a week schedule) you’ll finally get to see all those adventures you missed out on: Racing (read: Crashing) dirtbikes, 3 card monte, Creating a crop circle and TONS of TASTHIB!

I’m excited!!! Are you?!?! (By the way, there’s a new comment system on the site that allows you to leave comments using facebook connect OR video comments using seesmic! Awesome, right? But wait. There’s more! The forums are back after their unfortunate demise at the hands of a hacker over a year ago!)

I’m done.


If you like the site, it’s still your help that keeps things going! Thanks a ton, everyone!