A NEW List?!

A NEW List?!

Hey Team,

I know I railed against New Year’s Resolutions last year and I still feel strongly that if you want to make something happen then you can’t wait until the new year, you have to start now. However, with all the talk of resolutions bouncing around the web it made me think a little bit harder about what the new year is going to bring for me.

I’ve also said that I have no plans to write a new list and hit the road as the world’s most famous vagrant again anytime soon…

But I got to thinking about how focusing it was to have all of my goals laid out in front of me and I realized what a disservice I’m doing to myself if I don’t at the very least write a new list. How lame would it be if I managed to do all these amazing things before I even hit my 28th birthday and then just gave up?

With that in mind I’m going to start working on a new list today and I would love to hear about the kinds of things that you guys think should make the list! (But, once more…I’m not in any kind of frame of mind start sleeping on park benches again!)

Here are the first five that came to mind on my end:

1. Wash windows on a sky scraper
2. Play a song on stage with a band
3. Blow glass
4. Juggle fire
5. Geocache Alaska

I’m done.


P.S. Now that I think about it I didn’t have any intention to become a homeless wanderer LAST time I made a list. It’s tough to have things written down and not want to bounce out the door and go do them…

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12 Replies to “A NEW List?!”

  1. Compete in a Mountain Bike Race! Hopefully here in Bend, Oregon. Or just ride the trail. Ask any biking local and they’ll tell you Phil’s Trail west of town is the best in the state!

  2. 1) Put something on the list outside of the US. Even riding a horse with a Canadian Mountie would be neat.

    2) Visit the northern most spot in the continental US, the Northwest Angle in Minnesota.

    3) Visit Point Roberts, Washington. (look it up, and you’ll understand why)

    4) contribute to a giant ball of twine.

    5) Visit the oldest and largest trees in the world (both are in California).

    6) Visit the southernmost point of the continental US in Key West.

    7) Get a National Park Passport and visit 25/50/100 NPS locations. Parks, monuments, etc.

    8) Climb a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado.

    9) Visit the highest and lowest points in the Continental US (Both in California).

    10) Go hang gliding.

    11) Talk to someone on the other side of the world on a ham radio.

    12) Bungee Jump in las vegas.

    13) Eat a meal which costs over $100/200

    14) Watch Old Faithful erupt.

    15) Experience Burning Man.

    16) Visit the EAA Show in Oshkosh, WI.

    17) Ring the opening/closing bell of the NYSE or NASDAQ. (that would be hard)

    18) Live for a week without human contact in the mountains.

    19) Help with an Amish barn raising.

    20) Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

    21) Experience every attraction at every theme park in Disney World.

  3. Brett…yes, finally! I have been waiting for you to notice us up here. Come to Alaska, by all means. If Canada is America’s hat, then Alaska is the pom pom on America’s hat. It was 30 below zero this morning, but I promise it isn’t always like that. You could probably get a list of 50 things to do just in Alaska…fish for king salmon, encounter a bear, meet Sarah Palin, build an igloo, eat muktuk and eskimo ice cream…the list goes on and on! Unfortunately the bus and train systems do not come this way, but think of the great adventure you could have hitchiking through Canada!

  4. @Kanikazi I’ve been dying to make it up there for awhile. Some friends of mine did some epic salmon fishing up there and my dad and I always talk about doing a trans-alaskan motorcycle trip.

    It WILL happen.

  5. Not sure the present day status of a new list, but I would recommend:

    fly a helicopter
    kayak with killer whales off Vancouver Island
    swim with wild manatees in Crystal River
    rock climb the face of Half Dome

  6. Not sure the present day status of a new list, but I would recommend:

    fly a helicopter
    kayak with killer whales off Vancouver Island
    swim with wild manatees in Crystal River
    rock climb the face of Half Dome

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