Hey Team,

Ready for some whys? I’ll start explaining why some of the items made the list and just cut it off when I hit about a page so I can continue tomorrow. This will probably be a fairly long process. As I mentioned before, I don’t have a lot of good answers for why I do the things I do. :)

1. Tube down a river: I had a roommate in college who grew up in Northern California and used to rave about floating down a river for hours with an ice chest and friends every summer. It was one of those things (like so many others on the list) that I’d always said I would do. Every couple months the offer would be extended and I would always find some excuse for why I wouldn’t be able to go. In other words “life” would get in the way.

It’s funny how often we let life get in the way of living.

My own tubing escapade wasn’t quite what he often described so I’m totally willing to give it another chance but for the most part it was just an exercise in forced relaxation. (Relaxing isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do with my free time.)

2. Ride a horse through a covered bridge: This one has an easy explanation. I’m a geek. Most of my life has revolved around Disney in some way (as sad as that may be). Literally, the ONLY reason this one was on the list was because of the image of Icabod Crane trying to escape the headless horseman in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. As a bonus, when I wrote the list I had never ridden a horse before. Check and Check. Thanks, News To Me!

3. Sleep in a lighthouse: After college I moved to LA and lived in a boat on LA Harbor for about a year and a half. At least three times a week I would run to the nearest beach and out onto the fishing pier, occasionally stopping to stretch and stare at the lighthouse at the mouth of the harbor. I can’t tell you how many times I wondered if it would be an easy task to climb the break wall and break in with a sleeping bag in tow. Why? Who knows any more. The point is I spent too much time thinking about doing it and not enough time doing it.

Luckily. I didn’t have to break into Point Betsie.

4. Learn survival skills: Specifically, I was disappointed by how much cooler Les Stroud and Bear Grylls were than I would ever be. Not that being able to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together puts me in the same ant-eating, shelter-building league as them but at least I gave it a shot and learned that my place is in a warm climate where the only use for fire is to light the candles around a warm bubble bath. (Don’t give me that crap about cooking. That’s why god invented microwaves.)

Okay, team. Let me know if you want to hear the stories behind the rest of the items on the list or if I should just stop here.

But for today…I’m done.


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