Hey Team,

I’ve been working on a narrative that ties together this whole wacky adventure for a couple weeks now. (Some might call it a book…I don’t want to get that excited.) As a result I’ve had to put a lot more thought into the whys and hows of Amtrekker than I’ve ever had to before and strangely, it’s been pretty enlightening.


It’s amazing how much I didn’t know about why I did this and what I learned along the way. I assume it’s pretty typical but over the last year I guess I just got so lost in sound bites that I didn’t really consider just how complicated a process it has actually been. With all of the radio and television interviews people didn’t want a complicated story. They just want a quick, concise, witty answer to their question so they could move on to the next one.

I can do quick and witty til the cows come home so that part was easy…but the “truth” is a lot more complicated. As I’ve been going through some old interviews to get a feel for the questions people want the answers to I’ve noticed that (maybe because I get bored) I’ve given different answers for a lot of the same questions.

Weirder still is that all of those different answers are just as true as any of the others. I guess what I’m getting at (poorly) is that there is no real “AH HA!” moment. Everything in life kind of built toward the moment I jumped on that first jet to Philadelphia with a “backpack full of technology.”

I do, however, remember the tipping point when I realized that I could actually make this adventure happen. I sat in my car in a parking garage in Orange County calling everyone I was close to excitedly telling them the outline for my idea. I sat in that car on the phone with one person after another until the battery died and I finally walked into the mall hours after I had parked shaking with excitement.

So, here’s the new plan. There’s a lot I don’t want to talk about right now that is potential fodder for the book but there are plenty of side stories that I doubt will make the cut. Lots of whys and hows. I think I’m going to start with telling the stories of how most of the items made it on my list in the first place. (Expect some weird nebulous answers.)

But if you guys have any specific questions about Amtrekker let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page or just shoot an email to brett@amtrekker.com and I’ll spend the next couple weeks worth of blogs trying to wrangle the truth out of myself. If nothing else the posts should be a fun break from the book proposal!

Let me know!

I’m done.


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