A Night in Wolfe Manor [photos by CJ Johnson!]

A Night in Wolfe Manor [photos by CJ Johnson!]

Hey Team,

It’s been awhile since a new update has popped up here but a LOT has been going on behind the scene. I’ve been getting tons of “What’s next?” type questions and a lot of really great questions about wrap-ups. I decided to extend the party video to include some interviews from family members and their thoughts on Amtrekker so that has kind of been delayed…it should still make an appearance soon.

As far as other videos go there is plenty of excitement right around the corner and in the blog world there’s a lot to say about the past so those will occupy most of the updates for the next week or two. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wolfe Manor

Okay…so what happened at the haunted house?

Brian, CJ, Stephen, Mike and I showed up at Wolfe Manor around 9:30 pm Friday night to set up shop and get ready to shoot our collective experience in what has been dubbed one of the most haunted properties in America. The anticipation alone had us all on edge. Standing outside one of the creepiest, most rundown places I’ve ever seen (outside of the Newark Greyhound terminal) the fog literally started to roll in.

To kill time while we were waiting for the last ghost tour to finish we started watching the Ghost Hunters episode that featured Wolfe Manor. On the episode they explained the difference between a sanitarium and a sanatorium. It turns out a sanatorium is where crazy people go and a sanitarium is where sick people go to wait for death.

Wolfe Manor used to be the Clovis Sanitarium.

THOUSANDS of people died there.


Before going in we interviewed Todd Wolfe, the owner of the property. He didn’t exactly go out of his way to make us more comfortable. After hearing some history of the place and more anecdotes about creepy events transpiring in the house than I would care to think about we got the warnings: Don’t leave anyone alone in the house, try not to leave anyone alone in a room…and DON’T sleep in the house.

The last one had me worried. Todd explained that he has never allowed anyone to stay overnight in the house before and that he had never been willing to sleep there since he started having unexplainable experiences but he wasn’t forbidding us so much as warning us that we would be extremely vulnerable. Sadly, vulnerable or not, I had a nine hour drive to Tempe to make first thing in the morning. I was going to have to sleep somewhere.

Our tour of the house started when Todd and our team each took a two-way radio and the five of us were shut inside. We spent the next hour wandering through a CREEPY FREAKING HOUSE with only the light from our flashlights and a narrator standing on the porch to guide us. It went a little something like this:
Us in the radio: “Okay, Todd. We’re in the room to the left of the entryway. There’s a torn yellow couch in the middle of the room and a chair on the left.”

Todd in the radio: “That’s the dining room. The ghost of a woman from the kitchen sometime wanders in there and occasionally children can be heard singing or playing–”

Us to each other: “What the hell was that!” Our heads snapped around, “The door slammed shut!”

Us in the radio: “Todd the door just slammed shut!”

Todd in the radio: “Okay.”

We slowly scooted over to the door as a group and opened it back up to see if it would do it again…it did. It was spring loaded. We felt dumb. Scared…but dumb.

Dowsing in Mary's room

The rest of the tour was more anticipation building creepiness as Todd explained all the weird crap that has gone down during the eleven years he has owned the property and when it concluded we were left to our own devices.

That mostly meant we wandered around the house trying to recreate the “experiments” the Ghost Hunters did while they were there. We spent quite a bit of time playing with a Digital Voice Recorder to try to capture some ghost voices but it was tough going in the beginning. Turns out Brian, CJ and I are all such attention whores we were having a hard time sitting still without talking for very long until we started setting an alarm.

We struck out with the dowsing rods and the bells too so eventually we decided it was time to set up camp and bust out the glow in the dark Ouija Board. The Ouija Board was frowned upon but we were allowed to use it at our own discretion and since nothing else had presented itself we decided to give it a whirl.

It’s pretty well documented however, that Ouija Boards only operate thanks to the Ideomotor Effect. So when it turned out that Brian and I couldn’t even get our subconscious to operate properly we decided to do a live stream at two in the morning over at stickam.com with the Ouija Board answering audience questions ranging from “Do you have any advice for my move out west?” to “Where are the Cheese-its?” (which, by the way, appear to be located at KEK7).

Bed time

By the time those shenanigans were over it was WAY past my bedtime and we all bed down for the night. Morning brought reports of poor sleep and paranoia from most of the group (…maybe it’s just a function of spending a year and a half sleeping in sketchy bus stations with knife wielding hobos but I slept like a baby).

Daylight also brought with it my biggest scare of the adventure when CJ was lurking around a corner wearing a Leatherface mask. I don’t even know if he said anything when I walked by…I was too busy screaming like a little girl and doing a backwards summersault when I fell to the ground short one shoe I apparently kicked off in a “fit of joy.”

Final verdict: Nothing “paranormal” happened to our group but there is absolutely no doubt that Wolfe Manor is a creepy freaking place that I definitely recommend checking out if you’re in the Clovis, CA area. You can call about their ghost tours at (559) 307-4994 or check out their website for information on the live ghost hunting show they do every Sunday night.


Also, I should mention CJ DID catch a picture of an “orb.”

I’m done.


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  1. For the record… Amtrekkers “shoe” that he kicked off was his bunny slipper! That’s right, Brett wore bunny slippers in the haunted house. It was one of my favorite details of the night! What a great time.

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