Wolfe Manor

Wolfe Manor

Hey Team,

Wolfe Manor

It looks like a new adventure has presented itself! It seems that just a couple weeks ago the team from Ghost Hunters dropped in to the old Clovis Sanitarium (soon to be Wolfe Manor) to do some…ghost hunting…

Ghost Hunters

From what I hear they were blown away by what they saw. The episode will air on November 19th and we can all find out together what the details may be but you’re probably already asking, “What’s the big deal, Brett? Why do we care?”

Last week I got a call from some folks connected to the operation of this property who had heard my story and thought they could add a little something to my adventure. Naturally I jumped at the chance. Mostly because that’s what I’m good at…jumping into situations without thinking.

My first thought (which came well after agreeing to do an Amtrekker episode from what is proclaimed as one of the most haunted properties in America) was, “Well, I don’t believe in ghosts…but I’m also kind of a sissy who lets his imagination get away from him pretty regularly. This could very well be an incredibly creepy experience that I don’t want to run head first into alone.”

So, who do I know with similar sensibilities that can make this experience even MORE fun?

That’s right friends, Brian Brushwood, that pointy headed host of Scam School at Revision3, will be joining me for this dip into the realms of death, this creep through the crypt, this excursion into the ephemeral, this…rumble…in the jungle? (Okay, I’m all out of clever alliteration.)

Fair warning: Neither of us know what we’re doing and we’re both being left to our own devices during this haunted slumber party.

Brian called dibs on the Ouija Board. I’m bringing Twister.

It all goes down on November 21st. I’m crazy excited!


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