Halloween Raid

Halloween Raid

Hey Team,

Last Halloween my costume cost me less then ten bucks and not much more than ten minutes to fabricate. This year went a little bit differently. I still came in at under ten dollars but I spent HOURS trying to turn myself into the world’s largest cockroach.

Final Touches

The initial concept had me scurrying around on the ground thanks to a dolly strapped to my chest and a couple extra limbs flailing about. I should note however, the initial concept didn’t take into account the THREE DAYS it would take me just to make the mask for the costume.

As zero hour continued to approach I realized that not only would I be forced to cut some of the extra bits off the costume and cut more than a few corners on the parts I did still have time to work in but there was no way I was going to have enough time to help Katy with her costume…which was a stroke of genius.

Katy Konstructing

As soon as I started talking up the giant cockroach costume at Amtrekkapalooza last week Katy jumped in head first with the bug spray idea. Little did we know what we were getting into.

N and SDon't touch me there.

After countless hours spent on these (let’s be fair here) EPIC costumes. We headed out to San Francisco with some other good friends, Nate the Construction Worker (not to be confused with any other first names followed by job titles), Saadia the female Mad Hater and Erica the Nurse. The party we intended to go to was WAY too crowded for a giant cockroach and a raid can to wander around in so we hit the streets in the Castro District.


That’s where all forward progress quickly ground to a halt. We couldn’t walk 20 feet without someone shouting, “RAID!” and jumping in to take a picture with us. And of course once we’re stopped and taking pictures everyone else within a quarter mile with a camera would start snapping shots too. It was actually a lot of fun to be nameless celebrities for the day.

More importantly, it made all the work that could have just as easily been totally pointless completely worth it. Thanks for the fun night, Katy et al.!

So…what do you guys think of the fancy threads? Lot’s more pictures here.

I’m done.


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