Hey, Amtrekker! WTF

Hey, Amtrekker! WTF

Hey Team,

Here’s a quick update to keep all you crazy kids in the loop. I haven’t had a chance to edit the horse through the covered bridge footage or the Amtrekkapalooza footage yet but those will be the next two videos and they should both be up by the middle of next week.

The most notable reasons for this not being done yet are 1) I came down with some sort of rabid Greyhound virus literally the DAY I got back home (seriously, it probably would have killed a lesser trekker) and 2) I’ve been working on what is quite possibly the world’s most AMAZING Halloween costume! I’ll call the Guiness people tonight and find out for sure. I’ll let you know when I know.

In other news: Here’s a link to www.podcacher.com where Sonny and Sandy have posted audio from the big finish on show #189. Go check them out!

AND…here’s a link to some pictures from the big party courtesy of Tom Arthur! If anyone else has any pictures feel free to send them my way!

Last thing. The Boston guys are geniuses. This is how I’m going to spend NovemBEARD.

I’m done.


Seriously, team. No joke. BookingBuddy is AWESOME. It’s like a travel website aggregator aggregator. (Yep, two aggregators.) I just used it to hunt down deals to get back to California from Atlanta and boy howdy was it handy! But more importantly…our new affiliation with bookingbuddy.com means all you have to do to help out Amtrekker is click on one of their ads and sign up for an awesome newsletter filled with travel deals! Thanks everyone!


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