Bad News is Good?

Bad News is Good?

Hey Team,

When I first moved to Los Angeles after college, before I had even landed my first job at an ad agency, I was watching a LOT of news. (The burden of being broke, unemployed and in a strange city without friends.) Naturally it didn’t take long before I started getting REALLY depressed. You all know as well as I do that local news is notorious for its overwhelmingly negative bent. Who among you has never asked the question, “Why don’t they ever have GOOD news?”

Yesterday I had my mind blown.

All of the credit for my exploding brain goes to Jaron Lowenstein. Although you could never change my mind on the subject of how debilitatingly depressing local news can be he did offer an enlightened viewpoint that I had never considered. I’ll just paraphrase:

It sucks that all you ever see on TV are shootings and wife beatings but there’s something reassuring in knowing that those actions are still out of the ordinary. We’re shown these things because they’re still shocking. It’s comforting when you think that people aren’t interested in seeing a story about how some guy takes little Johnny to school everyday and loves his wife because that’s what society expects EVERYONE to do.

Like I said, this isn’t going to convince me to watch the news more but he’s right. There IS something comforting in knowing that we, as people in America, still expect the best of others and I think that, if nothing else, the last 478 days of my life have shown me that more often than not we get just that from the strangers with whom we’re willing to share experiences.

I think society is in better shape than we give it credit for and if we all put in the effort it can only get better, right?


I’m done.


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