Hey Team,

Here a copy of the email I sent out a couple days ago (follow the instructions therein if you haven’t already):

I just had a GREAT suggestion for all you folks that absolutely, without a doubt, don’t have a chance of making it this Saturday for the big homecoming! (For those of you that do have a chance, however slim, stop crying like little babies, suck it up and come have fun!)

If you can’t make it then it would be SUPER cool if you could just make a really quick video of yourself (quality doesn’t matter just shoot it on your webcam and I’ll be happy) that we can show at the celebration.

It doesn’t have to be impressive just a minute or two (or more, I’m not particular) of what your part in this grand play was, maybe an anecdote about how we met or what we did together or what you thought about me or the trip in general. Have fun! And if you can get me something in the next two or three days I promise to be your friend forever (depending on what you actually say about me I suppose).

Thanks, Team! This could be REALLY awesome and I’d TOTALLY appreciate it!


Oh, and if I hear anyone crying about how awkward it is to talk to yourself into a camera you will get NO sympathy from me.

Just for the record. Bookingbuddy really is a pretty rad website if you’re looking to plan a trip. It actually allows you to search most of the top websites from one location. Pretty handy! But more importantly…our new affiliation with means all you have to do to help out Amtrekker is click on one of their ads and sign up for an awesome newsletter filled with travel deals! Thanks everyone!


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