Hey Team,

Here’s a little something I ran across yesterday that kind of (read: REALLY) bothered me. Granted, I was waiting at the airport ticketing desk in Los Angeles at four in the morning on no sleep so I probably wasn’t exactly in a happy-go-lucky mindset to begin with…

Behind me I hear something fall. (Nothing bigger than a waded up wrapper.)

“Hey Bob, you dropped something.” Bob’s friend leans into him and points at the floor drawing my eyes down to the wrapper at Bob’s foot.

“Meh, it’s just trash.” Horrified, now I can’t take my eyes off the wrapper…but Bob continues, “I was going to throw it away so I set it on my bag but it fell off. Not my fault.” Then he steps on the trash and rolls over it as the line moves forward!

Seriously?! I can’t believe people can do that! How much personal entitlement do you have to feel before you can convince yourself that 1) It’s not your fault YOUR trash ended up on the ground and 2) It’s not your responsibility to pick it back up?

It killed me inside to not walk away from the ticketing counter and pick up this dude’s trash in front of him. I just don’t get it. It’s his! Why would it be okay for him to just leave it there?!

Okay, obviously I’m getting a little worked up here but I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of this exact same behavior lately. And now that I’m on the subject, what’s up with smoker’s throwing their butts on the ground?! How does that not count as trash? I’m sure those same people wouldn’t spit their gum out on the sidewalk…

Ugh! I better stop or I’ll end up ranting about this all day. I have to go find someone that will take me SCUBA diving in the Atlantic.

I’m done.


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