Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

Hey Team,

Here’s the update. I’ll be flying out of LA in the next day or two on a donated airline buddy pass bound for Orlando so I can knock out SCUBA diving. That should give me a couple weeks to hitchhike back across the country for the big finish passing through Atlanta for the horse through the covered bridge with CNN’s News To Me!

It’s funny that even after almost a year and a half practice put into “amtrekking” AND with the October 25th deadline looming the final two objectives still feel so tenuous. I haven’t actually spoken to anyone about SCUBA diving but I have sent out a few emails so basically for that one I’m relying on the fact that I’m already certified and blind dumb luck. I’m really not sure how that one is going to happen but I figure I have at least a little bit of time to figure it out.

I got a call from the folks at CNN (the ones I did an interview with earlier in the year) last week and they sounded pretty excited about helping to set up the horse through the covered bridge but I haven’t heard from them in a few days and that always makes me kind of nervous.

Not to mention when I AM done with this whole adventure I still have no idea what’s next.

Bottom line: There’s a little too much uncertainty in my life right now for as far as I’ve come.

But what I AM certain about: October 25th is going to be AWESOME! And I can’t wait to see you all there! Any suggestions on what you would like to see at “#0 Homecoming?”

I’m done.


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  1. Listen. CNN is going to be there which is great publicity. What better way to step up the entertainment factor than by pretending you’re the headless horseman. Cape + Flaming Jackolantern + Brett = Awesome. It’s science.

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