Baby Changes

Baby Changes

Hey Team,

Just a really quick update today. Dr. Tiki and I are going to try to distill our toxic brew on Thursday so the video of that should be up by this weekend and I’m sure it will be awesome (read: a fun disaster)!

More importantly it doesn’t look like much has happened on the site for the last couple days but if you have a sharp eye you’ll see a few things have changed and a lot has happened behind the scenes to try to stabilize things. These are frustrating days for me. Since I work alone no one else is going to magically get all this web work done but I can spend all day on something and in the end it feels like there’s nothing to show for it and no one will ever know.

BUT, on the upside here are the things you WILL be able to notice:

If any of the objectives ever had a corresponding video produced then the crossed off item on the left hand side now points directly to the post with that video embedded instead of just pointing you to the first post to mention the completion! So now you people (and especially all the new folks I’m counting on you guys telling about the site) can jump straight to the EXTRA fun parts!

AND, the map in the top right has now been completely updated with all of the posts that have been written over the last two months that thanks to a little glichlet hadn’t been updating.

ANNNDD, now there’s a PRESS page. The main link is right at the top of the page next to the others and does a fairly good job of consolidating all of the Amtrekker mentions spread around the web. If you guys know of anything I’m missing just shoot me an email or leave a comment somewhere and I’ll be sure to add it.

Thanks a ton, everyone!

I’m done.


Just for the record. Bookingbuddy really is a pretty rad website if you’re looking to plan a trip. It actually allows you to search most of the top website from one location. Pretty handy! But more importantly…our new affiliation with means all you have to do to help out Amtrekker is click on one of their ads and sign up for an awesome newsletter filled with travel deals! Thanks everyone!


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