What a Tangled Web We’ve Woven

What a Tangled Web We’ve Woven

Hey Team,

Since it takes a few days for cornmeal, sugar and yeast to become a potent and disgusting alcohol I’ve had a lot of free time the last couple days. I wouldn’t say I’ve been KILLING time necessarily because it’s not something I’ve been doing on purpose and I wouldn’t consider myself homicidal (chronocidal?). So, I suppose it’s more like time has been dying of natural causes while I sit around working on projects that are fairly unrelated to Amtrekker…except that in a short amount of time I’ll have to start thinking about gainful employment again.

Most of the last few days have been spent finishing up the script to a comic book I’ve been working on for awhile (that I suppose I may post if there’s any interest) but I’ve also spent more than my fair share of time bouncing around the internet. Idle time and a strong internet connection are a dangerous combination and I never realized how appropriate the term “web” is when describing the…um…web.

Yes, everything is interconnected but more importantly when every link you click just leads you to another more irresistible link you find yourself getting inextricably tangled in this vicious web of largely useless information. In the past two days the number of useful pieces of data I’ve stumbled across is FAR outweighed by the number of flash cartoons, movie news articles and distressing pages about Amy Adams’s engagement (Actually, that one should probably be filed under useful…at least now I know who my competition is.) I’ve wasted time on.

And sadly, with the script open right next to this page and staring me in the face, now I feel like I’m just finding another way to avoid “real work.” I better get going before my guilt starts yelling at me.

I’m done.


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  1. I would love you to post your comic, as long as you can deal with the carefully sculpted criticism that I will lay upon you with great vengeance which will have nothing to do with the comic, but what font you chose to print it in…

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