New Occupation: Used Car Salesman?

New Occupation: Used Car Salesman?

Hey Team,

I’m strongly considering selling my car. It’s been sitting around somewhere in California for over a year now and in the intervening time two very important things have happened. 1) I’ve learned how to travel the entire country without my own mode of transportation and 2) I’ve ostensibly run out of money.

Here’s what I’m thinking. In these times of high gas prices do I even want a car when I get back? Granted my car gets pretty good gas mileage (about 33 MPG) but that just brings me to another point. For the first time ever used cars with high MPG ratings are actually appreciating. Why not capitalize on that?

And yes, I will probably need some form of transportation when I get back but motorcycles are so much cheaper AND more fuel-efficient. Not too mention I will more than likely be moving to either the LA or SF areas and have ready access to planet saving public transportation.

Further more, how nice would it be to finish the trip with some kind of monetary cushion that would give me some stress free time to find another occupation?

Well, what do you think? Did I convince you? Because I’m not sure if I’ve convinced myself yet.

Let me know what you think in the comment section!

Thanks, Team.

I’m done.


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8 Replies to “New Occupation: Used Car Salesman?”

  1. According to Eddie Valiant Los Angeles has the best public transportation system in the world!

  2. I’d say sell it. Not only are there good Public Transit systems out there, you can also get a scooter for $1250 (at least here in Utah) and they’re street legal, with AMAZING gas mileage. I’m thinking about getting one myself. Either way, you can’t lose. Go for it! 😀

  3. @StabbyDSpeaker: Ouch. I like that car. It’s tougher than I am…but I don’t think it makes sense anymore.

    @georgerocks: You always know the right thing to say.

    @imfrog2002 & missanw: I think you guys are right…

  4. I say start collecting cars! Buy Buy Buy! Everyone is selling cars to “save money” & “help the environment” nowadays – but do you really want to be a conformist, Brett? You know what happens to sheep – they either get skinned once, our sheared over and over and over. Think about that.
    Coincidentally, I have got some cars for sale, and I hear you are the Smart Guy that’s about to invest in his first cash cow! mmmooooo is the new sound of money.

  5. Sell the girl’s car and buy a man’s truck. Something like an ’88 Full-sized Bronco or whatever else you used to have when you drove a man’s vehicle. With gas prices the way they are, someone might just give you one for free. Oh and, if you’re still worried about recking the environment, convert it to run off of old cooking oil, which you can also get for free.

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