Hey Team,

I still have to figure out what to do with my week before I head down south again to finally knock out that pesky moonshine objective with Dr. Tiki. SO, today I’m taking off for Crater Lake National Park and the State of Oregon so that I can finally cross off the geocaching in that state. (Which, by the way, I’ve failed at TWICE.)

In other news: the diagnosis for Charley’s malaise has finally, officially, come in from the Apple geniuses and no joke, it makes me kind of sad. Being told that his battery was going bad was kind of like finding out my cat had Leukemia. At first I didn’t understand how it could be possible then I just didn’t want it to be true. And to make matters worse batteries aren’t covered under the Apple Care warranty so Charley is just going to have to limp through life for the next couple months until Amtrekker is over and I can actually afford to grab the little guy a new battery.

On hindsight maybe the anthropomorphism of Charley wasn’t such a great idea. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if I didn’t think of him as my favorite travel companion, one of my best friends and my kid all rolled into one…

Sad day. Move on to something happier.

Ah! There’s a new affiliate on the site! BookingBuddy.com has popped up to offer a little help every time someone clicks on the banners on the site and subscribes to their awesome travel deals newsletter.

So, go do that.

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Thanks, Team!

I’m done.