Hugfest 2008

Hugfest 2008

Hey Team,

Today was a surprisingly hectic day considering ninety percent of the time I was sitting still. I rode the motorcycle from San Pedro, CA to Oceanside, CA to meet up with Sonny and Sandy of fame and do a little interview with them (both SUPER nice people) before jumping back on the bike and riding another five hours to my cousin Chris’s wedding reception.

Most of the people at the wedding have been watching my every move via the website but this was the first time I had seen many of them since Amtrekker began. Hugfest 2008 started as soon as I walked through the door (an hour late) and most of the conversations were very similar.

“Brett! How are you?”


“I saw you ________. I can’t believe that happened! How many do you have left?”

It was actually kind of fun to tell the same stories over and over again to audiences that were that excited to hear the details though. However, here’s what I learned (and I honestly believe this is an important topic and before today I didn’t even realize it was an issue): Never underestimate how important the ability to end a conversation is.

It wasn’t much of an issue for me because I was happy to discuss things with family anyway but I noticed that many of my relatives had a hard time with it. For example. Here’s how I tend to end a conversation:

“Wow, that sounds awesome. What a great story.” And then instantly walk away. You’re done there. A story was told a story was listened to…don’t linger. Head for the hills.

Instead, what was happening more often than not was:

“Wow, that sounds awesome. What a great story.” Followed by an expectant look and a smile. Occasionally eyes would dart around as things start to draw out and get more awkward. Eventually the point of no return is crossed and now everyone is simultaneously looking for any excuse to move on. It doesn’t matter who is more interested in whom anymore. Now it’s all about escaping the awkward zone for all parties concerned.

People glance down at drinks first. Shoot. Still liquid in there. Check for a significant other. Crap…nowhere to be seen. Panic sets in. Smiles wane. Eyes dart. CAKE! Ha! Salvation!

“Well…it’s been…um…fun? Glad to see you again. Hope you finish up…er…soon. I’ve GOT to go get some cake before it’s all gone!”

Sighs of relief all around.

🙂 Regardless I had a great time and I loved seeing so many family members again! Most importantly I’m proud of my cousin Chris and his new bride Jessica. They looked so happy last night and EVERYONE was in high spirits!

Good day.

I’m done.


Hey folks! I saved a very special button for you…

Don’t let me stop you.

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  1. Most of my stories hit so many tangent details that by the end, I am so far off base from the original tale I just have to say something outrageous. Usually that Steve stabbed somebody, that I fought a ninja, or that I found 20 bucks.
    If the story was really lacking, Steve ends up stabbing a ninja WITH $20.
    Or I will tell an especially detailed story, build it up almost to the end, and then walk away without ever finishing it. This is a fun game that is only amusing to the person telling it. The audience is left with the “wtf?” look on their faces that I find so funny.

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